What are the best spinning wing duck decoys?

Whether you love them or hate them, spinning wing duck decoys are here to stay. The truth is, the jury is still out on these tricky little decoys – we’ve had some amazing hunts over them, and we’ve also had it to where ducks wouldn’t fly within 300 yards of us if they are turned on.

For whatever the reason, though, sometimes they work (so it seems). If you’re a duck hunter, you’ll probably do just about anything to shoot your limit for the day – and chances are, you’ve probably tried out a spinning wing duck decoy or two. Heck, maybe your bag is full of them, or maybe you are a true blue spinning wing hater – wherever you fall on the scale, we’re going to take a look at our favorite (aka: the best) spinning wing decoys that are out there.

Types of Spinning Wing Decoys

First, it’s important to note that there are different kinds of spinning wing decoys. There are floating spinners, there are “wing-like” spinners (like flock-a-flickers), there are spinners that sit above the water, there are big ones and small ones, remote and no remote, there are mallards, teal and even thugged out spoonie spinners – but most importantly, there are motorized and wind-powered (non-motorized) spinning wing decoys out there.

For the sake of brevity, we aren’t going to be getting into the wind-powered decoys – just the motorized ones. Before taking a look at some of our favorites, please note: Motorized spinners are often illegal to use before DECEMBER 1st. You should check your local laws and regulations before taking one out for a spin.

Now let’s take a look at the big question: Are they worth it? Yes – to an extent.

Are spinning wing decoys worth it? 

This question will be answered differently depending on your experience with decoys like this. Our team tends to say – Yes, they are worth it, to an extent.

What is that extent? It’s to the extent that they bring birds in and don’t flair them. At hunt bums, we almost ALWAYS bring a spinner out with us. That doesn’t mean that it always stays out in the spread. We’ve found that spinners can be really effective on stormy days with less than optimal visibility – maybe the motion they deliver is what initially gets the duck’s attention. However, if ducks aren’t committing or geese are abundant, we’ll turn them off or tuck them into the blind for the day.

Top 5 Spinning Wing Decoys

1. Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Decoy

If you’re a duck hunter and you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade, chances are: you recognize the name Avian-X. The quality of decoys that Avian-X produces is second to none, and realism is top-notch as well. The PowerFlight Mallard – lives up to all that Avian-X has built around its brand. One thing you’ll notice right away – different wings. Yes, they changed the wing design for this spinning wing duck decoy, and it is awesome looking. Want to stand out from all the other hunters on the refuge? The Avian-X PowerFlight is a great way to do just that.

Other notable features we loved:

·  Run time of up to 16 hours

·  More durability, not more weight

·  750rpm motors

·  No slow down with battery drain

·  Comes with remote

The Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Spinning Wing Decoy is definitely all that we hoped it would be. If your goal is to have another spinner like everyone else on the refuge, this decoy is not for you. If you are looking for something that throws out different imagery to birds, never slows down or looks awkward – and has a remote to turn on and off based on your hunting situation – this decoy is for you.

2. Mojo Elite Series King Mallard

The Mojo Elite Series King Mallard is our second pick for the best spinning wing decoys out (motorized). Our team loves the size of this decoy, because if you are going to try to attract attention – you might as well go big. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s made by arguably the most recognizable brand for spinning wing decoys out there.

Other notable features we loved:

·  Realistic in color scheme

·  Paint durability was higher than in other models

·  Drop-in rechargeable battery

·  Built-in remote/receiver

It’s hard to go wrong with The King Mallard. If it’s attention you are going for – this is the biggest and baddest there is. If it’s time to go low-key, maybe there are geese around, or the ducks just aren’t liking it – use the built-in remote to turn it off from the blind. The Mojo King Mallard is definitely a spinning decoy that you want in your gear bag.

3. Higdon Outdoors Floating Flasher Duck Decoy

Chances are if you leave a Higdon Outdoors Floating Flasher in the pond and forget about it – you’ll probably turn at some point with your shotgun to your cheek, thinking that there is a duck landing or taking off from the water. I won’t say how many times this has happened to me while using this floating, spinning wing decoy. Obviously, this decoy is different from the pole-sturdied spinners that you normally see – it’s built on a floating platform that really gives it an edge in terms of how it looks. This decoy genuinely looks like a duck landing or taking off from the water.

Other notable features we loved:

· 10-hour runtime on a single battery charge

·  Charges in just 3 hours

·  Highly detailed paint and wing color

·  One-piece design

If you’re looking for that ultra-realistic look of ducks on the water – this spinning wing duck decoy is the perfect addition to your spread. This decoy is tough, durable, and has an AWESOME charge to run time ration. Did we mention that it looks like a duck on the water yet?

4. Mojo Outdoors Elite Series Teal

The Mojo Elite Series Spinning Teal Decoy is the perfect “packable” spinning wing decoy. Truth is, I’ve got 2 of these little guys in my refuge pack with some spare batteries at all times. Sometimes it’s hard to lug in giant spinning motion decoys – but not with these little guys. They don’t lack power either. You’ll get nearly as many rotating rpm’s out of this little guy as its much older and larger counterparts. These are so simple, compact, and ready to go.

Other notable features we loved:

·  Superb detail on color scheme

·  Ultra-realistic

·  Simple push-button on/off

Overall – this teal decoy is the perfect motion decoy to diversify your spread or even to just simplify it. I like to throw these on the corners of my spread in a ball of teal and just let them work. The worst they do is push the birds over to the middle, and the best is when the teal come buzzing right in and land just in front of these little guys. I highly suggest grabbing a few and keeping them in your gear bag, maybe to diversify, maybe as a “just in case” kind of a thing, or maybe it’s to get rid of some of that weight from those big motion decoys instead. Whatever the reason – pick a few of these up asap.

5. Lucky Duck Dabbler

Ok, we know – this isn’t exactly a spinning wing decoy. Let’s face it, though; sometimes, you have to mix it up. This motion decoy is a great way to mix it up and add movement to your spread. Besides, have you ever been out with your mojo decoy only to find out the birds don’t want anything to do with it, and you just wish you had something different to try? Let’s solve that problem – add motion to your spread with the Lucky Duck Dabbler Decoy. This addition to the arsenal has spinning feet paddles that kick up water as they spin, making ripples and splashes that look like they are from a live duck.

Other notable features we loved:

·  Runs constantly or intermittently

·  Durable EVA construction

·  Remote capable (not included)

The Lucky Duck Dabbler isn’t a spinning wing decoy, but a spinning… feet… decoy. It might sound a bit weird, but try it out once or twice, and you’ll see why the ducks have a tendency to come tumbling down from the heavens when they look down to see what they think is another duck feeding and playing around. It’s a great addition to your spread to add movement and attract attention – and, it’s different. Different is good.


Are spinning wing decoys worth it? Absolutely.

Give it a shot, and if the birds seem shy or maybe there are geese around – go ahead and flip the switch to off for a bit. Hunting is really about trial and error, and truth is – spinning wing decoys have been wildly successful depending on the circumstances. I wouldn’t be caught without one in my bag or truck at least, I just don’t like going home thinking I could have or should have tried one more thing. So give it a shot, grab one of these top-rated motion/spinning decoys, charge them up and throw em’ into your spread.

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