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The Savage Blind bag review

One of the many necessities a hunter needs when out in the field is their blind bag. Without it, they have to stuff pockets with ammo, water, duck calls, and whatever else the average hunter keeps in their bag. I carry more to the blind than I really need, but it goes back to the old saying, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

The Savage Blind Bag comes with every option you need, with more than enough storage for any waterfowler. To give you a rough idea, this thing will hold twelve boxes of shells with some room to spare.

This blind bag has held up to everything I can throw at it and it still keeps going without any issues. The durability rivals top name brands without breaking the bank.

 Nobody I know will need more than a case of shells for just one hunt, but I’m sure somebody out there needs a few extra shots to get that limit. Not only is it big enough to hold whatever you need for that day of hunting, but it is also compact enough to keep in a layout blind with you while you hunt without getting in the way.

  • All closures include Heavy-duty zippers that open and close easily, even in the harshest conditions.
  • A molded waterproof bottom that gives the bag appropriate structure and strength as well as protection against abrasions, and the elements
  • Heavy-duty water-resistant bound interior compartment liner and non-absorbing closed cell foam ensure your main compartment gear stays safe and dry.
  • An interior divider, two side pockets, and one front pocket allow you to organize all your necessary gear.
  • Access hatch on top for quick access to essential items.
  • Shell loops also work great for holding extra extended choke tubes.
  • Waterproof protective sleeve to hold your phone, License, or anything small of value.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap for long-lasting comfort during that pack in and out.

I am very impressed with the quality of the Savage Blind Bag. The molded waterproof bottom helped keep everything safe while the blind bag was sitting in a couple of inches of water, and the exterior was very well put together. Hunting in Idaho, we can have an array of different weather during duck season.

This blind bag has held up to everything I can throw at it and still keeps going without any issues. At no time did any of my items inside get wet during the heavy snow and rain. This is very important to me personally. The durability will rival the top-name brands without breaking the bank at $79.99


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  1. Shawn Gibbons

    Great review – I have used this new Blind Bag for 2 seasons and I can not believe how well it has held up. Great bag and as rugged as they come. Be sure to take a look.



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