Written By Jason Allen

Savage floating gun case review

When you spend money on a new shotgun, you want to ensure it works right for years to come. When we store them in the off-season, we put them in a safe without thinking twice about it. Why wouldn’t we take the same care on the way out to the blind and back again?

Now I will be the first to admit that I used to toss my shotgun in the truck to drive out to the field or put it on the floor of my buddy’s boat and head down the river. Over time I had to do more and more maintenance to keep my gun in good condition.

You can leave it out in the rain or snow and feel confident that  the inside will still be bone dry when you’re ready to open it. 

All those worries go out the window when I put my Weatherby Element in the floating gun case from The Read Decoy’s Savage line.

At first glance, I was concerned because it looked a little short for the extended barrel on my shotgun. Just like it’s advertised, it had more than enough room. Now that’s not the only plus to this gun case. The side pocket is big enough to hold your extra chokes and any small tools you may need while hunting. The handle is exceptionally comfortable when carrying it in your hand. The padded shoulder strap ensures you are comfortable the entire time for those longer hauls.

You can leave it out in the rain or snow and feel confident that the inside will still be bone dry when you get ready to open it up. The closed-cell foam will ensure your favorite shotgun doesn’t end up as a permanent fixture on the bottom of the lake or river.

  • Heavy-duty, water-resistant, bound interior compartment and non-absorbing closed cell foam ensures your gun stays dry.
  • Accessory pocket-sized for choke tubes.
  • Heavy-duty coil zippers with “bustproof” pulls
  • Sized to accommodate magnum shotguns and various barrel lengths
  • Features a heavy-duty sling with durable, comfortable straps

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to gun cases. I can promise you will not go wrong with The Real Decoy’s Savage Floating Gun Case. It’s versatile, lightweight, comfortable to carry, rugged, and a steal at $59.99. I Highly recommend this case for anybody that hunts as hard as we do throughout the season.

Make sure you use the code HUNTBUM20 when you order to get 20% off your new Savage floating Gun Case. 




  1. Shawn Gibbons

    I also have been using the The REAL DeCOY Savage Gun Case for two years. It has surpassed all of my expectations. It is extremally rugged. The fact that I hunt over 80 days a season and travel over 9 states in all kinds of weather (+80 degrees // -15 below heavy ice) and it holds up. I mean the seams don’t blow out, the zipper is completely intact, mud and dirt cleans off well and it really protects my firearms.
    5 – STARS

  2. JD Nations

    Excellent gun case! Well constructed and durable. Great choice for any waterfowl hunters shotgun!


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