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The New Mojo Triple Whammy – An Honest Review


We all know when it comes to duck hunting – motion is king. Over the years, we’ve tried it all – the jerk rig, the spinners, the pulsators, the animator – anything that might help attract weary, smart, and potentially decoy shy birds that have seen it all on their migration path.

Recently, Mojo came out with a new motion device called the Mojo Triple Whammy – of course, we had to give it a try. Here’s our honest review of the latest splasher in the hunting industry.


MOJO Triple Whammy

Recently, Mojo answered the call to create a new splasher – the Mojo Triple Whammy. The Triple Whammy is an innovative product with a patent-pending motion device that attaches to the pole of your spinner decoy. This small add-on feature means you get a combination of spinning wings and water motion all in one.

The MOJO Triple Whammy uses a rotating, dual-color spinning blade to create ripples on the water, mimicking the movements of live ducks, and also throws highly visible water droplets into the air. You might have seen the viral video recently about a guy who would position his Mojo in such a way that the wings would hit the water when they spin, thus creating water movement – well, with the Triple Whammy, you don’t have to risk dunking your Mojo. This add-on does the water movement for you, and you still get an additional spin factor.

Installation of the Triple Whammy is quick and simple; it easily attaches to round or square poles with a user-friendly grip knob that tightens the device to your decoy pole. 

The MOJO Triple Whammy operates for up to 10 hours on the Normal Cycle and up to 12 hours on the Aggressive Cycle. It also comes with a convenient removable waterproof battery holder.

The Triple Whammy has a few creative accessories to help it stand out from other splashers. These accessories include a blade holder, a magnetic attachment for the blades, and a 3-way switch for cycle mode selection. These are pretty cool features that help enhance the product’s ease of use. It’s definitely nice not having to jam another set of wings into your waders or your backpack on the way out.

Best For: Duck hunters who are looking to enhance their decoy spread with realistic water motion and attract more ducks and don’t want to have to bring any more gear with them.


  • Patent pending motion device creates ripples on water and throws visible droplets, mimicking live ducks.
  • Rotating blade with dual-color design adds extra attraction to the decoy setup.
  • User-friendly grip knob and easy installation on round or square poles.


  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • The rod that spins the blade can get tangled with plants or other debris in the water.


Factors That Made Us Consider the Mojo Triple Whammy For Our Spread

No Additional Packing In Of Gear

Considering the fact that Mojo is one of the long-standing and top brands for motion decoys, we knew they had some innovative features up their sleeves – more on those later. Perhaps the second most significant selling point for the Mojo Triple Whammy was that there was nothing more to pack in with you. 

The Triple Whammy attaches to the pole of your spinner and is self-contained. That means no more gear to cram anywhere – it’s just a little bit of weight added, but you can just grab your Mojo and go. 

Water Motion Types

Adding multiple motion types to the spread was definitely the main reason we chose to give the Triple Whammy a shot.

This added accessory allows you to create ripples on the water, just like live ducks do, which adds a realistic touch to your decoy spread. Additionally, it can throw highly visible droplets into the air, attracting attention and making your spread more enticing to passing ducks.

The rotating blade of the device has a dual-color design that adds to its attraction, making it even more effective in catching the attention of ducks. Furthermore, the device can reverse the direction of ripples and droplets, adding another layer of realism to your decoy spread.

We loved the idea that it creates a variety of water movements, both with ripples and droplets. 


Dual-Color Blade Design

As we said earlier, people have gotten pretty creative with their spinners – but for us, the risk of dunking our lucky Mojo outweighed the benefits of having water movement. This new design allows you to move water, have your spinning wings on, and have the new dual-color blades spinning on the bottom as well. 

The hope is that the additional blade would offer increased visual attraction to ducks flying by. 


Cycle Mode Options

With its dual-color blade design enhancing the visual attraction in the water, The New Mojo Triple Whammy also offers two variations of mode options to cater to different hunting conditions.

The user-friendly 3-way switch allows you to quickly select the desired cycle mode for your decoy spread. The cycle mode options include Normal Cycle and Aggressive Cycle, each offering varying levels of water motion.

The Normal Cycle provides a subtle and realistic ripple effect, while the Aggressive Cycle intensifies the water motion for more aggressive hunting situations. 

For added realism, certain cycle modes even reverse the direction of ripples and droplets.


Key Takeaways

  • The Mojo Triple Whammy is a versatile and easy-to-use hunting accessory that combines a decoy, motion stake, and sound production.
  • It features a patent-pending motion device that creates realistic water motion, a rotating blade with a dual-color design for enhanced attraction, and the ability to operate for up to 10-12 hours on a single set of batteries.

It is made with high-quality materials for durability, has a weather-resistant design, and provides consistent performance. (Do consider the debris in the area in which you are hunting though).


Final Thoughts

So, after all the hype and anticipation of new motion and water-moving products – here’s our honest take after a number of hunts. 

The Mojo Triple Whammy is a terrific product. It works as advertised, and it works well. But if you’re looking for jerk string-style motion, this product isn’t for you. The ripples and movement that it makes aren’t strong enough to really move the decoys around.

But if you’re looking for some added attraction of spinning wings and flying water drops – you may want to give it a try. I can’t say that it’s been a massive difference-maker for us in the field, but we have had some birds lock in on it and come take a look.

Is the Mojo Triple Whammy a game-changer? Our experience has attracted some ducks, but the difference between having it and not having it has been pretty negligible. If you’ve had a different experience, let us know. 

We’ll keep it for now, but we’ll continue to run the trusted jerk string on each outing.


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