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Tidewe Heated Breathable waders Review

A good pair of waders is one of the many necessities any duck hunter needs. There are so many out there; what will work best for you?

A few months back, I stumbled across this company advertising heated waders. I’m not going to lie; it piqued my interest. I decided what the hell, I would get a pair and test them out to see if they could hold up to a season of hunting ducks in Idaho.

Now the hunting that I do is not always an easy task. Long hikes through dense brush and overgrowth are typical for a walk-in hunt. I need something that will not only hold up to the abuse of snagging on branches but also has to be comfortable to cover a mile of walking with all my gear on my back.

Early-season duck hunting in Idaho can be 15 or 70 degrees depending on the day. The fact that the liner is removable is huge for those warm days when I don’t want to sweat in the blind.

The breathable material is very lightweight compared to the traditional neoprene material and waterproof. A pair of waders that doesn’t keep out the water is worthless in the duck hunting world.

The liner has 120-gram insulation and is removable if you hunt a warmer climate that doesn’t require as much insulation. The boots are 1200 gram Thinsulate to help keep your feet warm in all conditions. The tread of the boots is aggressive enough to help keep your footing in all sorts of conditions.

Early-season duck hunting in Idaho can be 15 or 70 degrees depending on the day. The fact that the liner is removable  is huge for those warm days when I don’t want to sweat in the blind.

On the extra cold days, the heater comes into play.

Some days at the end of the season get down in the single digits and even below zero with the wind chill. I turn on the heater and let the waders warm up inside. It has three settings depending on how warm you want to be. The low setting works great until you get down into the negative temperatures; at that point, the medium setting is perfect.

The heating elements are located on each thigh and the chest of the waders. The battery is compact and lightweight. It has a dedicated spot in the liner that, when installed, is not even noticeable.

Now just about every product on the market today has a downside based on many factors. Even though the battery carries a reasonable charge, it still falls short for those of us that hunt for more than a couple of hours in the morning. I recommend getting a second battery if you hunt for more extended periods. These don’t come with a battery, so make sure you order that at the same time.

The boot size fits true, but the waders are lacking for anyone more significant around the mid section. I am 6’2″, 230lbs, and these waders fit me really well, even with a coat on inside the waders. They might not fit comfortably if I was much bigger in the midsection.

All in all, for the price, you can’t go wrong with the Tidewe heated breathable waders. They offer a limited warranty that covers your standard manufacturer defect for a year. For the average hunter that can only get out a few times a season, these would be a great and affordable option if you want to get into a pair of breathable waders. They are still durable enough to withstand everything I can put them through, with minimal downside.

If you have personal experiences with these waders, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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